Swami Om slapped Salman Khan


After doing some disgusting things in ‘Bigg Boss 10’ house, Swami Om was finally thrown out of the house. And after being eliminated, the so called God man has given an interview, and has spoken some insane things. One of the shocking statements of him is that he had slapped Salman Khan. Yes, you read it right.


He said, “Salman ne mujhe bola mai thhapad marunga, Dawood aur Hafiz mere dost hain toh maine Salman ko thappad maara.” When he was asked if there’s a footage of him slapping Salman, Om said, “T.V. me ye sab nahi dikhaya jata kyuki smoking room me camera nahi hota. Maine Salman ko zor se thappad maara.”

It’s really hard to believe this statement. It looks like Swami has lost it.

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He further went on to say that ‘Bigg Boss’ supplies drugs to the girls in the house. He said, “‘Bigg Boss’ me jo girls hoti hain unko drugs and Kokeen dete hain and raat ke 1 baje unko ‘Bigg Boss’ bulate hain.”

Reportedly, Salman doesn’t want Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga to attend the finale. But, the former threatens to disrupt the finale episode if he is not invited.


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