Rohit Shetty action scenes

Rohit Shetty is one of the most gratifying Directors of Bollywood. Truth be told, yes there are some silly moments in his movies which do not make sense, but that’s the whole point about Bollywood movies. He has always been criticised for his affection towards flying cars (which is seen in almost all his movies till date!) but there is the other side to this whole scene. The action which is seen on the silver screen takes a lot of hard work and guts. In his upcoming directorial ‘Dilwale’ there are several scenes where we can see the action through flying cars, but the real power goes to the stunt men who put their lives at risk during the making of these scenes.

Rohit Shetty – “It (doing stunts) is a difficult job. It is sad that out hard work doesn’t get acknowledged. In all cars my stunt men are sitting,”

Rohit Shetty – “When the stunt happens our heart is in my mouth… We pray all goes well. It’s easy to make fun… That car is flying… It is for entertainment. It (stunts) is a huge risk for entertainment (industry),”

Watch the video below to see the real effort which goes down to make the action seem so perfect:

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