Om Puri and Raza Murad


Bollywood is in a state of shock due to the sudden demise of veteran actor Om Puri. The actor, whose acting arena spanned from regional cinema to Bollywood to international, has left a void in the film industry that can never get fulfilled. Many celebrities took to their respective social media handles to pay their last respect to the star. His old time colleague and good friend Raza Murad too has spoken about how great a person and an actor, Om Puri was. He has also revealed the reason behind his death. Over consumption of alcohol led Om Puri to his death bed. Raza Murad revealed that Om Puri did not take care of his health and his controversial life was just an add on to his misery. Om Puri found solace in alcohol, says Raza Murad and today, it has become the cause of his death.


Our condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace.

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