om swami and salman khan

Former ‘Bigg Boss 10’ contestant Swami Om is at it again. The man who has gone nuts and is making false allegations against host of the show, superstar Salman Khan has crossed every possible limit this time. In an interview with a channel, Swami has openly accused Salman Khan of having AIDS. He has said that the reason behind Salman not marrying anybody is that he is suffering from the dreaded disease. And, he didn’t stop at that, as he said that Salman Khan is secretly married and has a daughter too.

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Oh My God! Now, that is a serious allegation made by the man against Salman Khan. He had previously claimed of slapping Salman Khan in the house and had even called him an ISI agent. But, this is something beyond our imagination.

This man is surely garbbing eyeballs with his hair-raising statements on Salman Khan. Salman who has always believed in giving it back to his haters has remained calm for a change. Well, he did call Swami Om a crazy man, but he has just left things at that and hasn’t really taken any stringent measures against the man.