Swami Om, Salman Khan


No dearth of misery in this year’s ‘Bigg Boss’. ‘Bigg Boss 10’ contestant Om Swami has been making headlines for the weirdest reasons. He threw his pee on fellow contestants, accused Salman Khan of mixing drug in his food and what not? All this had to lead to a bad consequence; and looks like that has happened finally.

Swami was not only thrown out of the house, but he himself also admits that Salman has filed a case of defamation against him in the Bombay High Court.

During a recent interview with a journalist, he claimed that the host and dost had moved to the court against him.


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Amongst his other claims, he mentions that despite ‘Bigg Boss’ being an unethical show, the Government fails to do any action against it because it has the hands of Sonia Gandhi and CIA! He further claimed that his followers are taking print outs of his pictures from the internet and sticking them at temples.

In earlier interviews, Swami had called Khan an agent of ISI and also said he was polluting Hinduism.

*Facepalm* When is this show going to end?