Sana Khan

Actress Sana Khan who had been an inmate in the Bigg Boss house last year was chosen to play a role in Salman Khan’s next ‘Jai Ho’,  but after her involvement in a kidnapping case,  went underground. But the question is will she resurface as ‘Jai Ho’ is close to release. Will Salman Khan get her out or not?


According to sources, After the kidnapping incident Sana has been underground,  and now as the movie is close to release the sources said that the cast will be revealed in stages. Therefore it is unclear if she will be a part of the promotions.

Sana had filed a petition seeking quashing of the case registered by the Navi Mumbai police but the High Court said that it cannot order quashing of the police case for alleged involvement in the kidnapping of a minor girl as the evidence showed that her car was used in the crime.

Lets wait and watch whether Sana will be helped by Salman Khan or not.