Gauhar Khan with Kushal Tandon

Gauhar Khan has won the Bigg Boss season 7 and as she steps out of the house the foremost question in everyone’s mind is will she and Kushal Tandon take their relation that started in the bigg Boss house a step further. Her family members too were questioned whether the relation between the two will end in marriage.


As per sources , Gauhar’s mother was asked if she wil get the two married and her reply was “Gauhar is a very intelligent girl. If she wants, then we will definitely take things forward.” But Gauhar’s sister actress model Nigar Khan said that said one needs to wait a bit to watch what the future holds. “Let`s not hatch eggs before they are laid. It`s something very sweet and we saw two people respect and support each other. Let`s not think about what will happen in the future. Let`s be happy about today. Even you (media) can`t guarantee what will happen in the future, then how can Gauhar. If they both stay with each other, then let`s see.”

Lets wait and watch how things develop for we have seen many relations develop during the long stay at the house of Bigg Boss but the moment they step out the relationship too ends.