Alia Bhatt

Who doesn’t like to share bits and pieces of their lives with fans? Alia Bhatt was no exception. Well, we just used a past tense because the actress has now turned her Instagram account into a private one. Which means, you will no more be able to see her updates unless you are following her.



We loved how Alia posted pictures of her holidays, fun times with BFFs and random thoughts. It wasn’t far ago that she went on a holiday with her family to Maldives, and had the time of her life! The pictures were so awesome, we tell you. We wonder why did she go private all of a sudden! Does she now want her acts to be private?

Of late, Alia’s personal life has also come under the scanner repeatedly. We heard she had a fallout with beau Sidharth Malhotra. But quashing rumours, they have been spotted together. Just last night, Sidharth dropped in at Alia’s housewarming party as well!


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