Hrithik Roshan's Hoodie

Bollywood’s Greek God Hrithik Roshan has a hidden strength in him, to face the most difficult period of his life with a smile on his face. Recently he had a hole dug in his skull to remove the blood clot, but he faced it as a worthy warrior. He thanked his father for making him the man that he is today.

According to sources Hrithik said ,”I was a very shy child. I never spoke to anyone and was a loner. I was afraid of everything, but I had a very strong father who never allowed any weakness to be supported.”


As for his brain surgery he said,” Because I was in such consistent practice of imbibing the right values of a strong man, I did not allow even one second of fear to enter me. On the operating table, I saw blood come out three feet in the air once they drilled the hole in my head. I was on local anaesthesia as I wanted to be awake and wanted my mind to have that experience. I was even singing songs, negotiating with the doctor saying, ‘Don’t make another hole’. I will cough all the blood you want through one hole itself by applying more pressure. Because of my choice to stay awake, I feel I have only one hole, which actually could have been two if I was asleep.”

Well Kudos to your beliefs and your father instilling this “No Fear” value in you.