Vivek Oberoi And Vidya Balan

Actress Vidya Balan ,who made her Bollywood debut with Parineeta, tried glamorous roles but failed . Again bounced back with Dirty Picture and Kahani. This versatile actress has a huge fan in actor Vivek Oberoi.
Vivek feels that Vidya has set an example for all those women keen to empower themselves and be successful.


As per sources , Vivek said this at the Arts in Motion Studio’s annual show Dance With Joy aimed at creating awareness amongst women about equality, dogmas and outdated urban attitudes. “Have you heard of Vidya Balan? She is the answer. She is such a phenomenon. She chose that path and that’s why I admire her,She decided that I don’t want to be everybody else, I want to be me and I want to do it my way, people were like – will she (Vidya) be able to do or not? But she has done it, she has proved it , Hats off to her.”

So true women have to think about themselves on being economically and socially independent.