Vivek Oberoi foodie

Vivek Oberoi was in Delhi for the promotion of “Empowerment of the Girl Child” a cause that is very dear to him. He was there for “Food For Life”, Vrindavan, supporting a trek to Stok Kangri in Ladakh to raise funds for a new school for girls. But being a foodie to the hilt and upon that in Delhi ‘The Foodies Hot Spot’,  he started talking about his favorite topic.


As per source, Vivek confessed, “I’m a big foodie – so I love Delhi. Delhi has an enormous range. You get everything from amazing street food to the best sweets in the world in Bengali Market, and from there, all the way to your five-star hotels where you get some incredible grub.”

” The food here is, simply put, delicious. And now, a very dear friend of mine has come up with a Chinese restaurant here. I think the best food in India is definitely found here. The route to Delhi is straight through my belly!”

Well how true Vivek, for Delhi is ‘The Hub For Foodies’.