Salman Khan Aur Katrina Kaif ki Ajab Prem Ke End Hone Ki Ghazab Kahani. Katrina Kaif got a standing in Bollywood, thanks to Salman Khan everyone expected them to tie the knot. Well the blame was put on Ranbir Kapoor’s doorstep for the Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif break up. But was he the real reason? Seems like that was not so.


The truth was John Abraham and Katrina Kaif’s apparent closeness during the shoot of ‘New York’ that had made the Khan see red and he had started giving Kat the cold shoulder. Salman’s cold shoulder had been sort of extended by his family members too, thus leaving her without a family like support system.
As per sources, Salman Khan’s coldness had bought Ranbir and Katrina closer for they had started confiding in each other their woes which inevitably led to love developing. At present they have been going through ups and downs, amidst paparazzi glare and many are expecting a real life version of this reel life picture.

Will they or won’t they is the question in everybody’s mind today.