Sunny Deol Gaddar

We have seen the Hollywood heroes like Sylvestor Stallone and Arnold making a comeback as action heroes at the age of 67 and 66 respectively. But now we have our desi Rambo Sunny Deol who is back with ‘Singh Saab The Great’. This 57 year old will be bashing baddies in it once again a la ‘Gadar’ style. There were certain people who were skeptic if he would manage to do action at this age but he has proved them wrong.


As per sources, obviously he won’t be indulging in Dabangg kind of action, informs a source attached to the film, “When he has his ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ doing all the talking, why would he need the support of wires to hang him in there and kick around the baddies. He can take them on from much closer. The action here is much more rustic, desi and rooted.”

Well we would just like to see Sunny in his best form and we know he can deliver it.