Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is super busy nowadays with the shoot of his movies Rambo Rajkumar but prior to this he had a lot of free time in his hand .Now Sasha is not the one to waste time he has taken up an alternative career option ,that is of playing DJ at his friends parties.


According to sources,Shahid’s love for music and dance is no secret but not many know that this music loving Kapoor usually carries his own set of audio speakers.“It seems Shahid has found himself an alternate vocation. He makes sure never to leave his speakers behind at home. His mobile phone has a lot of music from hip hop to retro it covers all the genres.He parks himself at the music console at bashes.”
At a recent bash hosted by King Khan Sasha took over from the regular DJ and brought life to the party.He is also keen to learn sound mixing and turning tables.


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