Salman Khan is a Fakir - Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is very close to his mother and sister. An extremely sensitive person, he has given his whole sole to making films. Son of producer he worked under Vidhu Vinod Chopra who taught him to open up. Bhansali considers very few people as his friends and Salman Khan and Rani Mukherji are the two whom he considers as his good friends.


As per sources, Bhansali said, “I consider Salman and Rani my friends. They have been people I have been closest to and have loved immensely. I realise that I don’t want anything from them and nor do they.”

“Salman was temperamental. When I first went to meet him at Filmistan, it was my birthday and he made me wait for six hours. But surprisingly, when he saw me, he said, “I know you. We have some karmic connection.” He was a good man and cared for small things, but tried to be a brat. Inside he is a fakir, who lives a simple life. Rani lives for her parents and people she loves and is very expressive. They both gave me a lot of belief in myself”.

Well Salman Khan is a man with a heart of gold and it is a known fact.