salman khan and kabir khan

Kabir Khan’s directorial ‘Tubelight‘ starring Salman Khan and Chinese actress Zhu Zhu in lead roles has already created a lot of buzz. And now the latest buzz doing the rounds suggests that the movie is a copy of a 2015 Hollywood movie ‘Little Boy’.

The movie ‘Tubelight’ is based on the Indo-Sino war of 1964 and will focus on the relationship between brothers Salman Khan and Sohail Khan. But according to a source of an entertainment daily, the movie ‘Little Boy’ too had a similar concept, the only difference being the movie depicted the relationship between father and son whereas ‘Tubelight’ will showcase the brotherly equation between Salman and Sohail Khan.


In ‘Little Boy’, there was a little boy called Pepper who gets mocked by his schoolmates because of his tiny stature. It affects him mentally and he suffers a lot. Things get worse when his father is off to war and goes missing. Knowing this, his son Pepper wants his dad back anyhow and the steps he takes to get back his missing father forms the crux of the story.

As for Kabir Khan’s ‘Tubelight’, it is being said that Salman Khan’s character in the movie will be named as Tubelight as he will be a bit slow in picking up things. His brother Sohail Khan will go missing in the war and brother Salman will embark on a journey to find his missing brother. Chinese actress Zhu Zhu will play his love interest in the movie.

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