Salman Khan's special shoot for children

Salman Khan is never too busy to interact with children he has a special place for them in his heart. Every one knows how busy he is shooting for “Jai Ho”, but he did make time to record a message in support of an upcoming Children’s Film Festival India that is being organised by Children’s Film Society.


According to sources, the representatives of the festival approached Salman, requesting him to lend his support to the event in any form. “The actor is busy shooting for “Jai Ho”, his team conveyed the message of his absence to the organizers. However, to compensate for his absence, Salman recorded an A/V for the festival, also known as The Golden Elephant, and even promoted it on his social networking pages.”

Salman is hugely popular with his young fans and is also known to do charitable work for organisation supporting the welfare of children.