Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan who is all set to once again host Bigg Boss 7 seems to be breaking all records ,by becoming the highest paid actor on Indian television with Rs 5crore per serial- Rs 130 crores remunerations


As per sources,Salman Khan is keen to finish of the shooting of this much awaited reality show, before the completion of his trial of the 2002 hit and run case.


This year, the reality television show , will see the star in a double role, as the show’s concept is of heaven and hell. Salman, who will appear for a total of 26 episodes, will be portraying the roles of angel and devil.“This year Salman has charged a substantial amount as he has a double role. So, the shooting takes more time and the concept is different. He will shoot two episodes in a day per week.”
The spokesperson of the show refused to comment on it.