Salman Khan to foot medical bills of background dancer

Salman Khan who is known for his charitable nature has done it again, and this time it is for a background dancer Vinay Rajput who was hospitalized for kidney failure. The moment Salman Khan came to know about his condition he immediately promised the family that he will foot all medical bills.

As per sources, following the footsteps of the Dabangg Khan his unit members of ‘Jai Ho’ too came together and donated their one day pay for Vinay. Vinay is the son of Chinu Rajput who is best known for his dance with Helen in the very popular number ‘Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja’.


Ravi Kanwar (General Secretary- Cine Dancers Association) said that he was glad that Salman has stepped in at the apt time to save Vinay. And with his help, Vinay got transferred from a smaller hospital to the state-of-the-art to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital.

Good to see that the two Khans doing something worthwhile for the downtrodden. First it was SRK who helped a light-man’s daughter to gain education and now Sallu doing this for a background dancer.