Salim Merchant

In times when crass lyrics and innuendos are ruling the roost in Bollywood’s music scene, Salim Merchant, who has composed numerous songs for films like “Fashion” and “Dor” with his brother Sulaiman, says he never wants to compose a number which he won’t be able to explain to his little girl.

The father of a nine-year-old girl doesn’t want to compose a song that involves usage of words meant for adults only.


“I don’t make songs like ‘Shake your bootiya’. I have a little daughter and if she asks me what is the meaning of the word…I am very careful of what I make,” Salim told IANS.

He is keen on working on a kids film.

“We are not working on a kids film at the moment. But if it comes along, why not? We had done ‘Iqbal’, which was about a kid who joins the Indian cricket team,” he said.

The brand ambassador of i-genius Young Singing Stars, Salim likes to see young talent grow.

“It’s always enduring to see young talent. It brings a smile on face. They are the future of our country. You need to encourage younger talent. That’s the only way to make society a better place,” said Salim.

He will be soon going on a US tour with his brother and will provide an opportunity to budding singers too.

“We have lot of fans in Canada and US. The concerts are are happening in November. We will be opening out stage to young talent. We will look out for new talent and give opportunity to people if they have talent. We will give them a chance to sing a song with us,” he said.

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