Rishi Kapoor angry

Rishi Kapoor is known in the industry for his infamous mood swings . He has been known to lose his cool at media persons on several occasions. On one occasion he even threatened to “fix” journalists who came close to him. On another occasion when reporters dished out questions regarding son Ranbir, the veteran actor refused to face the cameras until the “offenders” left the spot.But this time it was the cast and crew of his upcoming film who had to face his wrath.



As per source,“After a particular shot, director Nupur Asthana realised there was a sound error and the scene had to be re-shot. As soon as he heard it, Rishi completely lost it and even started shouting. He ended up snubbing Sonam too.He is known to be very temperamental and there is hardly any day when he doesn’t get angry.”


Chintuji all we can say is anger is detrimental to health.