Ranveer Singh

8th October, 2013 !! What is the importance of this date in Ranveer Singh’s life? Well he will be shaving off his handlebar mustache on that day. The actors handle bar has at present became so much a part of his personality that nobody remembers how he looks clean shaven.


As per sources, Ranveer Singh has been sporting it since a year for Bhansali’s ‘RamLeela’. Ranveer is still wondering how life would be without the whiskers. “Growing it was such a big thing, so I guess removing it will be another event and that will be on October, 8 because around that date I would have finished with the patch work (if any) and dubbing for ‘Ram Leela’ as well as for my other film ‘Gunday’ in which I also have a mooch.”

Well seems like Ranveer who has not touched a razor for months is looking forward to wield it once again.