Rakesh Roshan And His Son Hrithik Roshan

Actor, director, producer Rakesh Roshan speaks about his health his friends and the most important about his son Hrithik Roshan.


Speaking about his health and glowing complexion he reveals that his inspiration is good friend Jeetendra, who is not only a vegan but abstains from alcohol too, Rakeshji also gyms regularly .

As per sources, speaking about his son Hrithik , Rakeshji said, “Hrithik and I stay in the same house, to meet him at home, I have to make an appointment! I have to tell him I’m going to meet you day after tomorrow at eight o’ clock. Keep yourself free. And I do this because, otherwise, someone or the other is always there”.

Sir you are one of the best filmmaker’s , we hope to see many more of your movies.