Preity Zinta

Actress Preity Zinta will be celebrating her birthday today, the January 31st. This bubbly actress has truly got her zing back it seems for when asked about her birthday plans she quipped that she will be inviting only those who will be gifting her expensive gifts. On her IPL fiasco she admits that the mess of IPL is really what distracted her from her film career. She’s not crying over the failure of her movie too. “I run even harder after I fall,” is her take.




As per sources, Preity revealed about life after Ness Wadia, that was over in 2009. You think I’d remain single all these years? Whatever is happening with me is good. People say I am looking happy. That’s because I am. It doesn’t matter how the world looks at you. It’s how you look at yourself that matters. I have great friends, a great life. As for my career, picture abhi baqi hai, mere dost!”

Well we would truly like to know who is that man who has brought that dimpled smile back on Preity’s face.