Salman Khan in Being Human T-shirt

Salman Khan Starer Mental will hit the screens on November22. Putting an end to all speculation on its release. Sohail Khan reportedly sat down with Salman Khan and the team and finalized the release date.This News will put a smile on Salman Khan Fans face but one person is getting the heebie-jeebies.


As per sources the moment Sanjay Leela Bhansali heard this news,he is been having sleepless nights as he was to release his Ram leela on the same date.But why should Bhansali worry about a movie hitting theaters one week before the release of his Ram Leela?”Salman’s films usually run to packed houses for two weeks, and Bhansali would thus lose out on a major portion of the audience. So much so, he is now contemplating moving his film out of the November 29 slot,” said the source.
Well Sanjay sir you have no other option except to postpone your release date.