A mean Salman Khan makes the show 'Bigg Boss' interesting

Salman Khan is getting a lot of brickbats for being nasty on the reality show ‘Big Boss’, of which he is the host. There is an ongoing debate that he should be a little more considerate and a little less nasty.

But the Dabangg Khan has found a champion in Delnaaz Irani who is quite protective about Sallu.


As per sources, Delnaaz who had participated in last year Bigg Boss said, “There is a lot of debate about Salman Khan being bitchy and nasty in ‘Bigg Boss’ as he makes fun of contestants and other fellow actors. I feel that it is his job as a host to be nasty to make the show interesting. I think he is asked to do be nasty. Otherwise he is a lovely person and is very friendly and respectful to his co-stars. However, I think he is a better actor than a host”.

How true, Delnaaz there are many among us who do agree with you on this.