Katrina Kaif To Produce Movies

Katrina Kaif the ruling Diva of Bollywood is lying low, as her next two action thriller movies will be releasing by December this year. So she is not making any public appearance nor will be performing on any public platform. Her next dilemma is doing what next as she has already done there is to be done by a mainstream cinema actress.


As per sources,”She wants to move out of her comfort zone. But she doesn’t know which way to move. She has done practically everything there is to do as a mainstream actress. She wants to move ahead. But doesn’t want to do an offbeat film. She is on the look-out for a full-on crazy script that would allow her to do everything she hasn’t been able to do so far.”

Therefore Katrina feels that she should turn producer to give herself the opportunity that she is not being offered in Bollywood at the moment.

Looks like they will be a new producer on the horizon by next year.