The Gorgeous Katrina Kaif is busy planning a wedding. Not hers but her sister Natacha’s that is being held in London next month and Kat has been given the task of finalizing the trousseau of the bride.


According to sources,Kat is also a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding“Katrina is very excited about her sister’s wedding. She has been coordinating the meetings between Natacha and designers in Mumbai to get the clothes done in time not just for the bride but also for the entire family.”

Sources further clarified the reason behind Katrina’s absence from SRK’s Eid Party“On the day of SRK’s Eid celebrations, Kat’s family had actually thrown a party for Natacha. Since the actress is going to be busy shooting for her films, she will fly to London for the ceremony directly and then leave later to resume her work.”

Well Seems like Kat is going to be busy for some time we hope someone is paying attention.