Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Verma

The war of words on Twitter between the the two directors of film industry Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Verma seems to have come to its end .

As per sources , Ram Gopal Verma initially denied any tussle with KJo”It is all created by media. We don’t have any differences. but on insistence showed a SMS sent by Karan Johgar To Him apologizing about his recent statement on the director “The statement overreacted by media, Apologies..”


The Twitter war on Teacher’s Day, was initiated by RGV, who took a dig at Karan’s “Student Of The Year”.”If someone takes off from Karan Johar’s Student of the year and makes Teacher of the Year, it will become the Disaster of the Year,” Varma posted.

Well good to see the two behaving like mature people at last..