Emraan Hashmi hair style

Emraan  Hashmi the serial kisser has always made women swoon to his charm but in his next release Ek  Thi  Daayan produced by Alt Entertainment and Vishal  Bhardwaj Pictures, he happily takes a backseat ,as he feels its cool letting the women take charge.



Speaking to sources,Emraan says I’m spoilt for choice in the film. I had a blast. But in real life, I don’t mind submitting myself to a woman. It’s a sexy feeling. For a change, it’s cool to not be in charge. Evil, daayan-esque women are a major turn-on.”Emraan says it was also the combination of Ekta Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj, the producers, which made him say yes to this noir  film, directed by Kannan  Iyer. “I’ve worked with Ekta before and I was keen to work with Vishal. Even though my brand is somewhat synonymous with the horror genre, I agreed because it wasn’t one of those typical horror films.’the movie releases on April 19.

Well Emmi lets wait and see whether the audience too finds it cool.