Emraan Hashmi

Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi who recently visited Allahabad’s Kumb Mela along with Ekta Kapoor and Huma Qureshi to promote his movie ‘Ek Thi Dayaan’ refused to perform any pooja or take a bath in sangam. When asked him about the reason behind it,He said,Just like that.”
Emraan sensed the issue is very critical,He further gave explanation by saying,”See I went for the Kumbh because it’s something amazing. I wanted to experience what was being talked about the whole world, where there is a confluence of not just two rivers but also a sea of humanity.My aim of going to the Kumbh was not religious at all. It was curiosity and the excitement of being there.”


Interstingly,Emraan Hashmi is married to a Hindu and he gives his wife freedom to perform her poojas.”I’m not against any religion. It’s just that I have been brought up in a predominantly Muslim house hold where pujas were not a regular or familiar thing. So, I just don’t know how to do puja. In fact I am married to a Hindu woman, and I have never ever asked her to convert or to follow my religion. She has her own space in our house where she has her puja room and she does puja every day and I do my namaz,”Emraan Hashmi adds.

Emraan Hashmi even requested media reporters not to make any serious issue on sensitive religious case.