Hrithik Roshan

Superstar Hrithik Roshan who has been into physical training to maintain a fit and a healthy body, takes good care to have a healthy diet too. He is so fitness conscious that he trains the whole family to remain fit and healthy. But sometimes Duggu does give in to his sweet cravings.


As per sources, On September 9 he was spending quality time with his family, as it was Ganesh Chaturthi.  He woke up in the middle of the night with hunger pangs. His refrigerator had lots of ice-cream and sooji halwa and, it seems he couldn’t resist the temptation. So much so, that he finished a tub of ice-cream and a big bowl of halwa.

In the morning ,  he felt guilty of indulging himself so spent an extra hour at the gym. We feel it is human to sometimes give in to indulgences Hrithik.