John Abraham

Actor John Abraham is known for his passion for driving, the actor has a number of mean machines in his garage. But Johny boy loves to take them for a spin into valleys is not known to many. He has even travelled to Rohtang Pass on it and considers that trip one of the most memorable ones.




As per sources, John Abraham revealed his secret, “I love going on road trips, two of which are most memorable to date. The first one was at Rohtang Pass and Lahaul Spiti valley. The trip was memorable as we were on high altitudes and the route was pretty difficult for a normal driver. So, one needed to drive like a professional. Another one was in Kabul when we were driving from Jalalabad to Peshawar. It was beautiful but at the same time dangerous due to security issues. However, it was quite exhilarating.”

He is also a proud owner of a hockey team, a bike racing team and has been a participant too in a number of such races and contests.