Salman Khan And Arbaaz Khan

Superstar Salman Khan one of the most commercially viable star at present time, is all set to complete his Silver Jubilee in Bollywood. His brother Arbaaz Khan put forward his views, that the position Salman Khan has acquired in the industry is all due to his own hard work and decisions.


As per sources, speaking on Salman’s career graph he said, “Salman Khan has had major hits in his career, if you see Salman’s career graph, you will see that most of his films have worked, done well and that’s why he is at this position today.”

He also revealed that Salman has never turned to his brother’s for advice, “Neither do I need to give advice to him nor he wants it realistically. He has now developed a kind of sense and judgement in which image, which films and which people he has to work,” he added.

Looks Like Bade Bhaiya is kept on a High Esteem by Arbaaz Khan.