Akshay Kumar in black aviators

Action hero Akshay Kumar was recently injured on the sets of his next Movie tentatively titled Pistol, while performing a stunt he was in a lot of pain and the shoot was stopped immediately. However, he insisted on completing the scene as there was some issue with permissions for the location. He was to resume shooting the following day, but has been advised against it.


His Next Once Upon a Time In Mumbai 2 is almost complete and ready for Eid release,however some portions had to be shot which could not be done due to the actors injury. Akshay said,“There’s no amount of preparation or training that can brace you for an accident. A fall is a fall, but the good news is that at least I didn’t fall from the sixth floor where I started my stunt.I’m a lucky man. Thanks to the crowd that cheered me on, I felt less pain, and was able to finish my stunt before dashing off to the hospital to scan my injured foot. I have a big climax scene to complete next week, so I really have no time for pain.”


He adds that he’s practically living with his foot in an ice bucket these days. Akshay says, “It’s the cheapest, fastest and most natural way to recover from any injury.”