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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalta Hai is one of the most-loved and longest-running shows in the history of Television. Known for its high-octane drama and unending twists, YRKKH has kept viewers hooked to the screens for over 13 years. While fans love all the turns in the show, they especially wait for festival celebrations in YRKKH. Now, with Holi around the corner, Sirat and Kartik from YRKKH are ready for their first celebrations together. Yes!

Holi in YRKKH is going to be a mix of drama, action, fun and emotions, especially because it’s the first time Sirat and Kartik. However, much to everyone’s shock, amid the happy Holi celebrations, Sirat will fall into huge trouble. Yes! Sirat will get mired in a big problem, bringing a halt to the Holi celebrations. Are you wondering what we’re talking about? Well, Sirat will get arressted. Yes, as shocking as it may be, the police will arrest Sirat amid the Holi celebrations.


In the upcoming episode of YRKKH, the police will arrive at the Goenka house to arrest Sirat. They accuse her of troubling and harassing, boxing coach, Dev. Yes! Apparently, Dev has filed a police complaint against Sirat. It happens after Kartik saved Sirat from Dev’s clutches when he was trying to misbehave with her. Now, it would be interesting to see if Kartik helps Sirat in proving her innocence. Will Kartik be able to prove that Dev is wrongly framing Sirat?

Meanwhile, it is already known that Sirat saves Kairav from a fire accident, and her brave act will leave the Goenka family members impressed.

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