Tinaa Dattaa

Popular TV actress Tinaa Dattaa became a household name after Colors TV’s ‘Uttaran’. While she has been successful in her professional life, there was a time when Tinaa was in an abusive relationship. She also revealed that she slipped into depression after getting out of her long term relationship.

We asked Tinaa how she came out of depression after being in an abusive relationship, to which she said, “I had a good set of friends and my family supported me so that I don’t get weird thoughts and imaginations. But somewhere you also have to help yourself to come out of it. You have to keep yourself busy and explore new things and people. See how beautiful the world outside is and you have to experience it and be grateful.”

She added, “The problem in our generation is that we have stopped being grateful. We have to be thankful for the food we eat and the clothes we wear every day.  There are people who don’t have clothes and food to feed themselves.”

When asked if she is opened to a new relationship, Tinaa said yes. Talking about the qualities she is looking for her future partner, she said, “To be honest, he has to be a nice man who knows how to respect women and of course he has to be caring and loving. And also loyal for sure. I am not extremely demanding when it comes to a man, but I need basic qualities. He needs to be a gentleman for sure.”


Also, she advised other girls who are into abusive relationships. She said, “Walk away the day you feel your man is not respecting and he doesn’t deserve to be called a man. The moment you feel you are unhappy and the man is not treating you right, you should definitely walk out of it. Women deserve to be treated well.”

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