Independence Day

Gone are the days when kids used to be excited about flag hoisting at their school on the occasion of Independence Day. True Independence always meant self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  As India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day this year, TV actors Vijayendra Kumeria, Mohit Malhotra, Sanjay Gandhi, Kettan Singh, Aasif Sheikh and others talk about patriotism and what it means to them.

Let’s see what Tv celebs have to say about this Independence Day

Vijayendra Kumeria

I believe to inculcate the idea of patriotism we need to first start from our homes by talking to kids and the youth about how important it is for everyone to love their country. The values of our country, culture and traditions should be talked about. Schools and colleges should also have a healthy atmosphere which somewhere should inspire the students to think about the country’s development first and then one’s own development.

Aasif Sheikh

We won’t fully understand the meaning of Independence unless we are caged. This lockdown has taught me more about Independence than any school textbook could ever teach me. I always felt I was independent, but in these trying times, I came to understand that I wasn’t even half as close to the independent human being I thought I was. Helping my family hold through these tough times to holding myself together, now I can proudly say I have become much more self-reliant than I ever was. Happy Independence Day to one and all!

Sara Khan

My journey to Independence began when I won the title of Miss Bhopal in the year 2007. However, it was just the beginning as there were more hurdles left for me to cross. While on your journey of becoming independent, there are many challenges one will have to face. But once you conquer them one by one, you become unstoppable and thereafter truly independent. Mumbai taught me how to become independent. My sincere gratitude to the city and its people! Wishing all Mumbaikars and my people back in Bhopal a very Happy Independence Day!

Mohit Malhotra

Patriotism is a feeling that should come from within, and kudos to our Bollywood films which show it in the right way. Movies like ‘Rang De Basanti’ or ‘Chak De India!’, they don’t show the struggle to freedom but are patriotic at the same time. You get that feeling of wanting to do something for your country. I actually celebrate this day by watching such movies. I call friends over and have a get-together and we all watch it together. It’s great to celebrate our patriotism for the country.

Sanjay Gandhi

Independence Day is a very big day for all Indians. We all get to connect with the nation. Some watch patriotic films at home, some celebrate in their societies. The day starts with patriotic songs on the radio. It’s full of energy. People go out to meet friends. I do the same and celebrate and I wish the best for my country ahead because nothing is important than our country. If our country is safe, then we are safe.

Sharad Malhotra

I believe that patriotism begins at home. I used to watch movies on our freedom struggle as a kid, along with my parents. Even now I watch movies in that genre. So it has become a habit now. My parents made me understand the meaning of patriotism and how important it is. I love my country and would urge all the parents to please make their kids understand what it is, small things like keeping their house clean, not littering, helping others in need, also count as patriotism.

Kettan Singh

Patriotism means to love your society. You can start by keeping your surroundings clean. It is important to educate people that patriotism begins at home. Our patriotism isn’t just a measure of our hate for Pakistan or hate for people we don’t agree with. Rather, it’s a measure of how much we love and respect our country and its people, whether they agree with our thoughts or not.

Shubhangi Atre

Independence means so many things which we tend to ignore when we get busy in our routine. Freedom, of course, is one aspect we all should be thankful for but also, what is required is feeling free from within. This will only come when we start to do our work ourselves both in the professional and personal space. I am lucky to have a family which contributes to the household work, and the dependency on each other does not end up becoming a burden on anyone. I hope everyone becomes self-dependent in their own way and celebrates Freedom in its true sense this Independence Day.

Yogesh Tripathi

Freedom is often misjudged by us as getting time away from responsibilities, but in actual terms, it is providing a helping hand wherever necessary to make sure the burden does not rest on one person. I have realised that Freedom is not one man’s right but applies to everyone in the family. Hence, I try to do my bit to make sure I am not dependent on the people around me.

Sarika Bahroliya

While India got its Independence in 1947, I got my Independence in 2020, rather I learnt the true meaning of Independence this year. It is after a lot of struggle that you learn how to become self-dependent. But once you do, it is beautiful! I never thought I would be living all by myself in one of the biggest metropolitan cities of India – Mumbai! But here I am, living every day by myself, making my own food, buying my own groceries, setting my house, etc. There is no better definition of Independence for me than this!

Karam Rajpal

Independence Day celebrations have always been about winning the struggle to Freedom, but true Freedom is when you are content in your own self. That’s when you are free! I am lucky that way to have had parents who always had their trust instilled in me. I have always made decisions for myself, and they have seldom backfired. Even if they did, I knew I was the only one responsible. That feeling of not being answerable to anyone, to own up to your mistakes is Independence. Happy Independence Day to those of you dare to take your own decisions! Kudos and all the very best!”

Tanvi Dogra

Independence has different definitions for each one of us. I grew up with a maid cooking for us every single day, but during the lockdown, we were left all by ourselves to cook, clean and take care of my granny. My father has been an excellent chef all his life, so we relied on him towards the start, but eventually, it gripped me to take charge of the kitchen, and I managed to pull off a meal for all four us. That day was such a bliss! Now I have decided to cook at least one meal a day for everyone. I hope everyone always attains their Independence in the smallest joys in life. Happy Independence Day to all!

Team Bollywood Bubble wishes you a Happy Independence Day.

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