Recently taking to his social media to post about his love for animals, actor and International dancer Shantanu Maheshwari shared a sweet video of him bonding with a few dogs in the rain. The actor who was initially not very comfortable with the idea of interacting too much with animals, over the years managed to transform that feeling to one filled with only love for them, which he is now very proud about!

Speaking about how his fear for animals turned to love for them, Shantanu shares, “Back in college I was slightly afraid of animals, and was uncomfortable with the idea of having them too close to me. Then over the years a couple of friends got pets in the form of dogs and cats home, and I slowly started getting used to being around them, which then went on to me even playing with them, and finally recognizing my love for those innocent, pure hearted and beautiful souls. I am proud and happy that I was able to turn my fear to love for animals in the process. Unlike us they can’t speak their minds or voice their thoughts, so the only way they can express themselves is through their expressions and actions, which are usually filled with so much love, that it tends to even rub off on us humans!”.

He further said, “Another thing that helped me overcome my fear for animals was interacting with them even more closely and witnessing different kinds of species upfront while participating in Khatron Ke Khiladi. Being able to see, feel and be so close to those creatures which we usually fear, was an eye opening experience for me, and really helped me strengthen my bond with animals even more”.

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