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Sambhavna Seth is known for her badass and fearless attitude. But not many know that she had to put on that wall in a world where she was stared down for her the kind of work she did. We sat down for a chat with Sambhavna Seth in Bollywood Bubble, when she revealed that she did not want to get married to her now-husband Avinash Dwivedi and it is not what you think.

Sambhavna told Bollywood Bubble, “I never wanted to get married, I was a tomboy, why tomboy? it’s not because my basic nature is tomboy. I had to become kadak to show the world that ‘mere saath panga mat lena’. Because I was a dancer, also when you are dancing in Bhojpuri movies people over there, the technical department, they all would stare. With those deep necks and backless blouses and those small ghagras- one had to become like that. Either I let them see, or I keep a demeanour that ‘if you look at me I will kill you’,”


Seth further added that while others perceived her work as an item girl undignified, she was quite respectful in her own eyes, “Because you have to do your work, you have to earn money also. What work I have got, I have to earn money from it. This might not be a dignified way for them as I am an item girl in their eyes, but I am quite big a person in my own eyes. In my eyes, I am working hard, doing my job, running my household, doing it the right way not wrong so I would feel that I don’t want to get married I want to just stay the way I am, then I had two dogs and I wanted to keep it that way,”

The actress further revealed that she lost a lot of work after Bigg Boss season 2 contrary to what people believe, “I also lost a lot of work, after Bigg Boss, I amount of work I was supposed to get, I lost more than half of my work with the kind of image that I had, or that they had created. So in today’s time if I show such an image so they call for me, but then- 12 years back from today it was a different zone.”

Check out the full conversation with Sambhavna Seth below:

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