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Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla are one of the most loved couples of the television industry. They tied the knot in 2018 and fans fondly call them ‘Rubinav’. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble’s Chemistry 101, Rubina and Abhinav opened up on their awkward meeting to their weird dates, from their casual fights to an epic fail of a proposal. They also spoke about their insecurities, vulnerabilities and their dreamy wedding.

When asked who was the first one to fight when they were dating and say sorry first, Rubina replied she had said sorry first and she always is the first one to say sorry. “That something that I have promised or may be something my own inner self-work. I make it a point that I practice what I preach. So, sorry is the first thing I always say irrespective iski galti hain ya meri galti hain,” she added.


She added, “While we were dating and after marriage, the reasons of fighting have definitely evolved or have changed you can say (both laughed). But while we were dating, things that we have fought on was he wasn’t punctual, and they really used to piss me off, secondly, he is spontaneous and I am organised. So, for me if we had to go out on a date, atleast I should know the date we are going on a date. You can’t call me in the afternoon and say ‘hey what are you doing? Let’s catch up’. I am like, ‘Excuse me, there’s nothing like catch up in my dictionary’.”

Rubina also opened up about the things that really irks her. She said, “He reads the message, he is active on Facebook, he has liked someone’s pictures, then why he hasn’t replied to my message.”

When asked Abhinav about the things he didn’t agree with Rubina was he felt that her plans were illogical at times. He said, “Then I realised that not everybody is alike. That’s her, that’s me. Let’s go together like that.” Rubina added, “He was very logic driven and I was emotion driven.”

Watch the full interview of Rubina and Abhinav here.

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