Rashami Desai, Rashami Desai financial struggles

Rashami Desai is a true blue self-made woman. She has literally started from the bottom and made her own name in the industry. The actress has been part of hit shows like Uttran, Dil Se Dil Tak, Naagin and many more. But it was not a smooth road for Rashami as she has gone through a lot of financial struggle since her childhood. In an exclusive interview with us, Rashami revealed that there was a time she did not have enough money to eat food.

Rashami’s parents parted way quite early and since then her mother Rasila has been dealing with life as a single mother. Rashami said that it was not at all easy and hence she had to start working at the age of 16. Since then there has been no looking back.


Rashami told Bollywood Bubble, “I have been facing this problem since my childhood; not any more touchwood. But there were days when we didn’t have money to have food. There came a time when I and my brother separated. My granny was taking care of my brother and I was living with my mother.”

Rashami said that her mother was a teacher and she used to earn only Rs 15,000 which was not enough so she knew very early on that she needed to start working and take responsibilities as well so she started working at the age of 16 or 17. She said, “My first pay was around Rs 1800 or 2000. There was a huge celebration at my house that time. Out of which I took Rs 350 from my mother out of the money I earned, and I bought a saree for my mother out of it. So my mother had tears in her eyes and I was wondering if she did not like the saree but she just hugged and was really happy.”

Rashami further revealed that her mother always had a troubled life and she has been facing struggles since her childhood. Rashami’s parents had separated so her mother had to face a society that did not look so well at a single mother of two, she said, “My mother’s life was always a struggle, the childhood and the marriage. So them me and my brother were the only two people who very very important to her.” Rashami revealed that since her mother was very protective about her, she did get to know much about the discrimination but she did get into a fight in school one time over the same, “I had a fight with a girl in school because her parents pointed a finger on my mother’s character so that time my mother came out loud and the entire staff of the school also came in my support.”

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