Nobel Peace Trailer

Kala Niketan Entertainment and Hiten Tejwani released the trailer of the award-winning film ‘Nobel Peace’. The movie recently bagged the Best Film (Jury) award at 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2020 and best screenplay at the eighth Indian Cine Film Festival 2020. It also stars Mudasir Zafar, Mayur Mehta, Aarti Sharma and Rohit Raj among others and has been directed and written by Astik Dalai. It is presented by OP Rai’s Kala Niketan Entertainment and produced by Alok Rai and Aina Rai.

The trailer launch was done by Kala Niketan’s managing director OP Rai along with Hiten Tejwani and other casts. The trailer of the film looks intriguing as Hiten Tejwani plays professor Shlok in the film. The backdrop of the film is based on Jammu and Kashmir.


The film revolves around how the youth over there gets influenced by certain things and choose a wrong path which promotes terrorism and how professor’s teachings play an important role in Hayan’s life (played by Mudasir Zafar) and direct him to seek the right path. It is an undying quest for truth.

Watch the trailer here.

Earlier, while talking about the film, Hiten Tejwani said, “I heard the script of ‘Noble Peace’ and the credit goes to the producer of Kala Niketan of O.P. Rai, Alok Rai and Aina Rai and also to the director. It was amazing working with them and it is really encouraging of them to opt for a subject like this. It was very exciting as we were shooting in real locations and travelling everyday.”

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