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Nia Sharma is one of the most bold actresses in the television industry and it is not just because her cleavage runs a little lower and the slits of her gowns are higher, it is because of the way she conducts herself with a no-nonsense attitude. Nia Sharma is brutally trolled left and right on social media for her style choices, work decisions, appearances and much more. But she is not one to sit all night and cry over it, instead she brushes it off and walks on. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble on Her Story season 2, Nia Sharma opened up about being slut shamed and battling it head on.

Nia told Bollywood Bubble, “Stylists love me because I wear their outfits with no inhibitions. They have also come to me and said Nia whoever we go to, they will not wear this and that. Cleavage can be deep six inches, seven inches, seven and a half. So you wear a six and a half, I wear a seven and a half, how does that make a difference. How do I become a slut and you are still the epitome of grace. It doesn’t work like that. Mine could be a little lower than yours, a little up, doesn’t matter.”


Nia said she had no idea about the trolling that was coming her way. She said that people would bash her for her clothes and unusual decisions when it comes to her work, “When it all started back in 2016, 2017, I did not have the habit of it. I was the very first ones to be coming to terms with it because ekdum se woh Twisted aagaya, it was a phase. I had just finished Jamai and I did a show Twisted where I had kissed a girl, woh bawal. But at that time I thought sahi toh hai, it’s ok. Big deal, you are being talked about. But it never stopped, my clothes are till today, the topic of discussion. Even when my song was released, the comments below were the same. How did that become my attempt at being in the news, are you alright? Every song comes with their own characters and I have played them all with equal elan.”

But looks like Nia has grown a thick skin and has become immune to the ugly comments that come her way, she said, “Dressing up is my thing and it makes me happy. It makes me smile, so if I dont smile when I wake up in the morning what is the use of earning so much. When should I think that two people will write below, ‘Nangi aajaati’, ‘Kapde hi pahenti.’ They are not questioning my choice, they are like ‘remove this as well’, ‘when are you even wearing this.’ The comments just dont get over, every day. Sometimes I feel like ok maybe my entire facade is only about clothes and there is nothing more to me.”

Check out the full conversation with Nia Sharma below:

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