Ekta Kapoor controversy

Producer Ekta Kapoor was receiving death and rape threats on social media over certain scenes of her web series ‘XXX: Uncensored 2’ that was even later deleted. Ekta Kapoor herself had even fully apologized for any sentiments that were hurt unintentionally despite the troublesome threats.

However, more recently, international TEDx Speaker and Defense Expert Major Mohommed Ali Shah who is an existing army person also showed support towards Ekta and he urged everyone to “oppose in a dignified way”. He uploaded a video wherein he was addressing this issue on various social media channels.


Check the video here.

He said that if there is disagreement it can be addressed in a civil manner and the army’s ethos is showing respect towards women and children. He even said that there is no patriotism in using patriotism to threaten a woman and her children with rape, death and even morphing her pictures to troll her. His ultimate message was that there was no dignity in being so atrocious towards a woman.

A few days back, Ekta Kapoor broke her silence on the allegations and threats she has been getting. She said, “When we got to know that there was even an FIR lodged, we removed the content anyway because of the certification. Content aside, I don’t have any qualms in putting out an apology to the Army’s wives. We have no problems with them. What irritated me the most was that the cyberbullying started simultaneously when we had already put a stop. This gentleman thinks he’s the ‘patriot of the year’. He decided to come and abuse my mother and me, and got his trolls to do the same. We have received rape threats on a social platform.”


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