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A cold war is going on between Bollywood’s dancing superstar Govinda and his nephew Krushna Abhishek. It is not getting over anytime soon and in fact, it is only getting worse apparently as Krushna decided to opt-out of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’s episode because Govinda was to be part of it.


In an interview with Spotboye, talking about the same, Krushna said, “Yes, I refused to do the episode featuring my Maama Govida, as there are some differences between us, and I didn’t want any of our issues to affect the show. For comedy to be effective you need to work in a warm friendly atmosphere. Laughter can only be generated in the midst of good relations.”


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It was further even rumoured that the differences between Krushna and Govinda have to do more with their wives who can’t get along, he said, “I love Govinda Maama a lot. And I know he loves me as much. Which is why he has the right to be upset with me. And I love him too much to face him now when things are the way they are between us. I wouldn’t able to stop my tears. So it’s best not to do the episode. I’ve been very close to him. I’ve stayed at his home with him and his family. Jitna hi pyar hai, utni hi duree ho gayee hai (despite our mutual affection we are now distanced from one another).”


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Well, we hope that Govinda and Krushna can sort out their difference soon as we would love to see them together.

Check out our conversation with Krushna Abhishek below:

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