nikki tamboli, khatron ke khiladi 11

Nikki Tamboli’s attitude toward a task irritates Rohit Shetty in the latest episode of Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. It was a team task, and Abhinav Shukla and Nikki Tamboli were put together. In the challenge, the two had to walk through a platform built over a water body and collect flags. The twist is the current that runs through the flags. To avoid the current, both partners would have to travel without the support of the pillars.

Here, Abhinav is in charge of the task and wants Nikki to leave the pillar’s support. But Nikki resists and continues to hold the pillar. Both candidates are chained and experience shock when attempting to untie flags. All of the candidates believe Nikki is wasting Abhinav’s efforts, which she does every time a task is assigned to her. 


“This is disrespect, Nikki. You’re ruining Abhinav’s game”, says Rohit Shetty. Rohit informs others that Abhinav has wasted time because of Nikki. Nikki, according to Arjun, is a different being. Divyanka feels the same way, but she is quite stubborn.

Abhinav decides to jump from the platform because Nikki refuses to move forward or assist him with the mission. Nikki remains seated on the platform as the other candidates complete the challenge.

Everyone is making fun of Nikki because she continues to sit there even after all of the tasks have been completed. Apart from Nikki and Abhinav, Arjun Bijlani with Divyanka Tripathi and Varun Sood with Mahek Chahal had to do the task.

In the last episode, Aastha Gill was eliminated from the show. 

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