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Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, many actors, especially from the television industry, had committed suicide. While some have ended their life due to mental health or depression while took this route due to financial problems. ‘Kumkum’ actress Juhi Parmar who has been vocal about mental health has always given emphasis to it. On actors committing suicide, the actress said, “I have tried to be as motivating as possible in my posts. I keep talking about how one should be positive. We need to understand that life is a balance of good and bad and both ups and downs. Downs come to teach and show us our strength, patience and also how capable we are. It makes us humble and a better human being because we understand that there are times when we will not have what we like. But unfortunately, a lot of people have committed suicide. It’s bad or wrong on a part to comment and say that they have committed suicide due to depression or because of this lockdown. It is nothing but an assumption why they have done.”

She added, “We need to be very very strong and we can’t expect life to be only happy and happening. It is good to have bad days. It reminds us to be humble and be better in life. And this is not the way to look at life. We all have our own shares of ups and downs.”


Further elaborating on the actors committing suicide due to the pandemic, Juhi said, “When we talk about works especially for actors, it’s not that actors don’t have work due to the pandemic or lockdown. An actor’s life has been like this from the beginning. Sometimes, we do a show that goes on for years and sometimes for two years we don’t take up a show. So, it’s not a pandemic which has caused a lot of us to not work. Sometimes we take a break willingly. So, it’s a part and parcel of the industry.”

Talking more about mental health, she said, “I have always said that there is always a way out but for mental health, I think it’s important for parents to teach their kids the importance and value of being able to take failures. Unfortunately, we teach our kids only about winning. But It is important for them to know that ‘try to win but it’s ok if you lose’. It’s not that you teach them to fail when they grow up, no, you teach them to try to win but the option of failing should always be opened to feel ‘it’s ok’. I do this with my daughter all the time.”

We must say, Juhi, that’s such a great piece of advice.

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