Varun Sood is undoubtedly one of the strongest contestant in Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. Also how can we forget his popularity amongst the fans. The handsome hunk has left all the girls rooting as well swooning over him. However Varun’s heart is already taken. Yes, he is madly in love with his girlfriend Divya Agarwal. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Varun spoke about his relationship with Divya and the attention he has been getting from all over. The Khatron Ke Khiladi contestant also opened up about their marriage plans.


Revealing how Divya has been his pillar of strength through out his journey, Varun said, “I am a guy who is very private. I like my personal space. There are some stars and celebs who invite paparazzi when they go out even for coffee and later pretend to act surprised after spotting the paps. There are several such celebs. I am very private. Acting, hosting is my job and I like to keep my personal life away from media glare. So if I go to gym or shopping then I like to be by myself.  So when Divya suddenly saw that I am getting a lot of media attention because Colors is big channel and Khatron Ke Khiladi is a very big platform. So I am suddenly getting a lot of attention so she was laughing. She is very happy with the outcome and she obviously knows what happened on the journey. So she is very proud and happy for me. She was that one motivational factor that one supporter that I needed throughout. She wasn’t there, but she was still with me. Every time I got time, I went back to my room and share with her what all happened, or how I have hurt myself. And she used says, ‘Just do it. After 20-30 days nothing will happen. You’ll be okay. You’ll be back home without any pain so just go ahead and finish it off.”

You can watch the entire conversation with Varun Sood below:

Spilling the beans on their marriage plans, Varun said, “Right now I am too young, even she is too young. And we have so much to work now. We both are together and we are very happy. And we will take that next step when we have to take it. We don’t want to do it under the pressure of all the fans asking us, ‘Why aren’t you getting married? It’s been so long’. It’s just been two years. So it’s not that long. We will get married eventually but we will take our own sweet time. And do it only when we actually want to do it and not under people’s pressure.”

We wonder if too much attention on their relationship bothers him. “It used to bother me. I used to feel pressurized like ‘Oh my god, people are expecting this out of us’. But then eventually I realized that we are in a relationship for our sake. We had fans saying ‘You aren’t posting any photos or videos’. We are not in this relationship for others. And we are happy together. We don’t need to prove it to anybody. We are happy in our world. It’s not for the people that we are together its for ourselves. Let people talk whatever they want to say. It doesn’t bother me anymore,” Varun signed off.

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