Sonia Rathee Sidharth Shukla broken but beautiful 3

Sonia Rathee will be seen making her debut with Sidharth Shukla in Broken But Beautiful 3. The actress is excited to see how the fans receive her performance and is hoping to get a warm welcome from the fans of the franchise. Speaking to Bollywood Bubble, Sonia, who is currently in the USA, shared that she had a wonderful time bonding and working with Sidharth Shukla on the show. She also revealed her funny first impression of Sidharth, who was surprised when everyone stood up as soon as he walked up into a room.

Sharing her first impression of Sidharth Shukla, Sonia recalled, “So I had already decided not to watch Bigg Boss or read his articles or listen to his interviews because I didn’t want to have a preconceived notion about him before I got on set and I met him. And I met him for the first time at our teaser only for like five minutes. And I remember, I had shot my part and we had like one or two small sequences together and he walked in and everybody just stood up. And I was like, ‘Why is everybody standing up?’ Then I was like ‘Okay. I am not going to be awkward. I will stand up too’. And so he walks in, he is like sort of embarrassed and he was like ‘Why are you guys standing. sit down please.’Then he came and introduced himself to everybody. Then I was like, ‘Alright banda thik hai. Acha hai.(He seems a good guy)’.”

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The trailer of Broken and Beautiful was showered with love by the fans, speaking about her chemistry with Sidharth and things they bonded over during the shoot, the actress said, “You know when you are seeing someone every other day and you have all these kinds of scenes, you end up having conversations and talking when the camera’s off because we spend so much time sitting on set. About chemistry, I mean off-camera we became good friends and we would talk and stuff. But I haven’t seen a lot of the takes so I don’t even know how our chemistry is on-screen which is very exciting because I want to see what came out of it. And bonding like we just made fun of each other. He just made fun of me all the time. He would just sing random songs and I hated them so much so would make fun of him about that.”

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